QUESTION. Are you a Walmart employee?
ANSWER. No, we are an independent business.  Dr. Desai is a doctor of optometry who leases office space from Walmart and is able to set the practice’s hours of operation and hire office personnel.  We also do not provide any service fees or revenue-sharing with Walmart.

QUESTION. How can you provide low fees and also a high quality examination?
ANSWER. One of the benefits of leasing office space is the low overhead and operating costs.  As such, we can pass those savings onto our patients by offering lower service fees.  Our practice utilizes the same state of the art technology found in most other private practices, giving you exceptional quality for your eye care.  Dr. Desai is also a fully licensed Optometrist in Texas, and has completed a residency program at The University of Houston.

QUESTION. Can you write prescriptions, and where can I fill them?
ANSWER. Yes, Dr. Desai can write prescriptions for medications as needed.  You can fill them at any pharmacy, including your local pharmacy.

QUESTION. My last eye examination was over a year ago, and I don’t have any problems with my sight, do I need to have another examination?
ANSWER. As an optometric standard, we recommend that patients receive an eye examination on a yearly basis.  The reason is that, even though your sight may seem fine, we can monitor it to see if there are slight changes from year to year.  In addition, there may be health issues inside or behind the eye that can go unnoticed to you and potentially cause vision impairments down the road.

QUESTION. What insurance plans do you accept?
ANSWER. Please contact our office for the latest, up to date, information.

QUESTION. What is the difference between a glasses and a contact lens examination?  And why does the contact lens examination cost more?
ANSWER. A glasses examination is meant to check your eyes and provide a prescription that can be taken to any optical, who will have glasses made for you.  A contact lens examination requires additional testing, beyond the glasses examination.  It utilizes special equipment to test and measure the eye in order to properly fit contact lenses that will also be comfortable.  Furthermore, for a contact lens examination, we do a follow up appointment to ensure the lenses are fitting well and that there are no side effects.

QUESTION. Why are there so many types of contact lenses, with varying prices?
ANSWER. All contact lenses are not the same.  They vary by manufacturer, material, oxygen permeability, size, curvature, and wear-time.  Depending on your eyes, certain types of contact lenses will work better than others.  As with most industries, contact lens manufacturers are always creating new and improved products, and as such prices vary between brands, models, and features.  The main goal is to find the right contact lenses for your unique eyes.

QUESTION. Can I buy any brand of contact lenses with my prescription?
ANSWER. No, your prescription is based on the examination performed and built on specific factors, like your eye size and curvature.  Brands differ on the types of products they offer, so your prescription also includes the brand of contact lenses required for your eyes.

QUESTION. Is it okay to wear contact lenses that are slightly damaged?
ANSWER. No, a damaged or torn lens can harm the eye, and in some cases cause an infection.  It is best to replace the damaged lens as soon as you can, something we can help you with.